About Sanguine Sanguinary

Sanguine Sanguinary is a small, tight-knit Ebonheart Pact guild looking for more active like-minded members. We have a heavy emphasis on having a good time and being social and friendly above everything else.

 We're a guild that wants to experience everything that this game throws our way. We do a large variety of guild events; Skyshard hunts, Group content, PVP(large and small scale) and everything in-between.

 We have a Teamspeak server for VoIP communications, a guild site complete with many tools for guild organization. We only ask that you don't cause drama, be civil and of course have a blast! If you think you'd fit into our fold then please fill out our member application!

 Note: If you are a member of the forum that was previously located at you may still access that site by going to

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Unexpected TS Down Time.

by CaptnCreamsicle, 189 days ago

If you tried to get on to the Teamspeak lately, you know that it has been down. I'm sorry for that but I was battling my ISP AGAIN! Ever since Verizon sold me down the river to Frontier, it has been one problem after another. I ended up switching ISPs all together and they just got be hooked back up. The good news is that the Arris gateway Bright House uses is a lot easier to forward ports on then the Actiontec gateway I had to deal with before. The bad news is Bright House was also sold (This time to Charter) last year so when it comes time for them to merge I may decide to give up modern life, move to the desert and live in a cave. 8^)

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Team Speak Down time March 2016

by CaptnCreamsicle, 269 days ago

The TS server will be down for a while today so I can clear the dust bunnies. 8^)

Edit: The TS server is back up now. 

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Teamspeak Downtime Jan 2016

by CaptnCreamsicle, 344 days ago

Howdy everyone and Happy New Year! 8^) 


Just a heads up for everyone. The Sanguine TS will be down sometime time in the next few days for an unknown length of time. I am doing some work in the sever room, aka my bedroom, that will require me to turn off the power. I will attempt to do it in the morning when TS in mostly inactive but as most of you know, that's when I do most of the work I get paid for so... lol I'll update this post when I have finished breaking stuff. 



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